Canvas crashes on GMA with OpenGL


27-10-2011 18:39:12

I have an old Intel GMA 950 laptop used for extreme low-end testing. Using GL render-system my app crashes when I create a RTT Canvas:18:30:19: Win32PBuffer::Creating PBuffer of format bits=8 float=false
18:30:19: Win32PBuffer::PBuffer -- Chosen pixel format rgba=8,8,8,8 depth=24 stencil=8
18:30:19: OGRE EXCEPTION(3:RenderingAPIException): wglShareLists() failed in Win32PBuffer::createPBuffer at ..\..\..\Source\ogre_src_v1-7-3\RenderSystems\GL\src\OgreWin32RenderTexture.cpp (line 201)

Before you simply say "GMA are crap"... I've worked on a pretty complex Ogre app which uses multiple renderwindows, complex shaders and Compositors - and therefore RenderTargets, and does run on this old laptop without problems.

I will see if I can try my Canvas-based app with D3D9 render-system to see if it's GL-specific issue or not. But any clue what this error means and why it might be happening would be appreciated.

So, using D3D9 rendersystem it works great. But still crashes using OGL as soon as Canvas is setup. I initially thought it might be a bad 32-bit-indexed mesh as described in this thread but I checked all my meshes are using 16-bit indexing... and anyway it works fine under D3D9.