change tab items caption


30-10-2011 16:11:31

it's probably my mistake, but i cannot find the way to change tab items caption in layout editor

it has no effect !


30-10-2011 20:30:10

There is "Items" panel right under "TabControl properties" panel.


31-10-2011 03:36:02

changing the caption property has no effect

btw : i am already impressed by yje quality of this gui lib :)


31-10-2011 07:52:27

You are trying to change Caption property of TabControl, but not Sheet. Use edit field in "Items" to change caption.


01-11-2011 09:26:08

heuu ... well i canot find the editfields button or command anywhere

please look at my my screen
iam using mygui 3.0


02-11-2011 01:08:43

i tested the 3.2 RC1 version and it worked fine !

now i have another pb :

how to use french characters with mygui ?