gui wont show


08-11-2011 22:43:43

so i got this tiny class of mine, and i put the mygui initialization code into one of the methods. yet the gui won't show when i call it - no errors in mygui.log . what could be the cause? it all starts and runs just fine. perhaps im passing the ogre window handle wrong into the initialize code?

cheers :)


09-11-2011 08:46:44

Well, show your initialisation code.


09-11-2011 16:54:58

void game_gui_system::init_login_screen()
MyGUI::Gui* mGUI;
MyGUI::OgrePlatform* mPlatform = new MyGUI::OgrePlatform();
mPlatform->initialise(mWindow, mSceneMgr); // mWindow is Ogre::RenderWindow*, mSceneManager is Ogre::SceneManager*

mGUI = new MyGUI::Gui();


MyGUI::ButtonPtr button = mGUI->findWidget<MyGUI::Button>("login_button");
button->eventMouseButtonClick = MyGUI::newDelegate(this, &game_gui_system::login_button_pressed);


When this code was placed in parent class to this one, it worked fine.

EDIT: oh i fixed it. im an idiot:}.