[Solved] Using RTT in practice


24-01-2012 22:35:03

I need a method to render MyGUI widgets to a billboard material to display UI like name and a health bar above entities in a scene. I've been looking at the RTT layer unit test example but that doesn't seem like a decent solution if you have to make a new layer for each individual material and entity. is there any other way to set up a RTT?


25-01-2012 12:47:18

You can use one RTT layer with all various GUI elements on it, but use only part of such texture on your billboards.


25-01-2012 18:59:17

Ohhhhh I see. So render all of the GUI into a single texture and then just use the texture coordinates to specify which part to show on each character's billboard? I can see that taking up too much texture memory potentially without doing some fancy stuff like only rendering the GUI for the characters currently on the screen, but I'll look into it.