Dynamic Text


25-01-2012 17:56:02

I have setup MyGUI and the RTT is working great.
I need help with displaying my moving game object's world coordinates.

For that obviously I need to update the text.
So how am I use to display dynamic text, the samples are great but I need a simpler example.

Any help would be great.

Thanks in advance.


25-01-2012 19:12:08

Could you try to be more specific?
If you need to change text on some widget - there is setCaption method, but I'm not sure if you are asking about it.


26-01-2012 10:09:46

I need to add a widget to my game that contains the world coordinates of my object in text
Eg : X -1 Y 9 Z 0 and as my vehicle moves I would like to update the coordinates to whatever the object's world coordinates are.

So I need to know how to display text that can be updated.
I came across statictext but I am not sure if it would help me display changing world coordinates.


26-01-2012 11:30:30

Just update them per frame or wherever you want. GUI won't update them for you.