[FEATURE] Better Animation Controller Event Data


29-02-2012 23:12:00

After writing a rather extensive animation manager for our project I came to realize that doing simultaneous animations on a single widget is impossible. This is due to the MyGUI::ControllerItem class only giving you the widget the animation is related to and not the controller itself in all its events. I've put together a patch that changes this, modifying the eventPreAction, eventUpdateAction and eventPostAction delegates to also include a ControllerItem pointer which gets passed "this" by all controller classes. This allows for simultaneous animations to be run and managed since the event gives you what animation just finished, which is otherwise impossible to determine with the current system only passing you the related widget.

Please take a look at this patch file, which is built off the latest code in SVN as of posting this (r4408), and let me know if any changes are needed to get this into the engine.

Patch File


01-03-2012 09:41:48

We will check and include this patch in next version (3.2.1). You are right, that sometimes it is necessary to know controller and it is same as to know widget, that call event.