How to rotate StaticImage ?


07-03-2012 11:08:30

I need a compass in my game and I need it to rotate with the player.

Problem is I cant find the rotate function for StaticImagePtr.
I believe the same problem was encountered in the post below.

But I cant find UnitTest_RotatingSkin in the MyGUI Source Code. (I am using 3.0.1).

Would be great if you could point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance.


07-03-2012 11:37:03

There was no such demo in 3.0.1, and there is only early implementation of rotating subskin in that version with some bugs in it, so I recommend you updating to 3.2.0.


07-03-2012 12:09:44

Thanks Altren will update and let you know if it works.


07-03-2012 13:47:00

Well I was hoping 3.2 would have solution files like 3.0 but I guess I have to stick with cmake.
Any insight on what BoostDir should be set to in CMake. (I dont have boost installed except the Boost 1 42 which comes with Ogre).