use myGui with out ogre


09-03-2012 17:27:21

i wish to use myGui for a project that i am doing in uni

i not using ogre or boost , can i still compile and use mygui, or do i need these to make the dll's to use it in my project


09-03-2012 18:21:27

MyGUI doesn't use boost at all. And what about Ogre - it is one of render sytems that MyGUI support, but you can use pure OpenGL, DirectX9, DirectX11 or write your own render system (it is not very complex).


10-03-2012 13:22:12

what i mean , is from reading how to compile myGui you need some ogre libaryes to create a dll

in this it says need ogre

but im not going to be using ogre to render , but do i still need to compile with ogre to get these dlls


10-03-2012 14:12:57

Ah, just select different render system in CMake by specifying MYGUI_RENDERSYSTEM.