[answered] Language files must end with '.xml' ?

Human Bug

14-03-2012 22:26:50


i use MyGUI 3.2.

Is it right that the language files must end with '.xml' ?
Else the tags in the layout will not replaced.

// load Language

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<MyGUI type="Language">
<Language default="German">
<Info name="German">
<Info name="English">


15-03-2012 08:16:10

They should match real file name, and it doesn't matter if it's end is '.xml' or not. You just need to use file name without omitting it's extension.


15-03-2012 08:20:24

Hm, looks like I was wrong. There are two supported formats for language files - xml and raw text with two values on each line. And when you use non-xml extension second format is used.
That's not really clear behaviour, so I think we might change this to detecting format.