Feature request: List box horizontal scrollbar


30-03-2012 14:27:34


I would like to request support for a horizontal scrollbar for a MyGUI::ListBox. The reasoning is that an item in the list box can have a bigger width than the width of the list box. With a horizontal scroll bar, the user could examine the part of the items that would otherwise be cut off.

Would it be possible to implement this in 3.4?


30-03-2012 16:24:38

You can do a trick to achieve such behaviour:
Create ScrollView and list inside it with size to fit all it's lines vertically and longest line horizontally. Then set ScrollView CanvasSize equal to list's size. Result is list with two scrolls.


30-03-2012 16:53:53

Nice, I'll try that.

I still think it would be a good addition to the lib, though.


30-03-2012 17:36:25

The problem with your trick is that the whole ListBox will be scrolled, and not only the entries. Thus, if the ListBox has a skin with a border texture (like in my case) it will be scrolled as well, that's very ugly.


30-03-2012 17:41:21

Would you be interested in a patch to implement this in a ListBox?


02-04-2012 07:47:50

Yes. I'm not sure, that we will include it though, but I think it should be easy to add, just make it similar to vertical scroll.