[possibly feature request] button states different images


13-04-2012 19:26:38

Is it possible in mygui to assign different images to a button depending on its state? I havn't found a way to do this. The only thing I found is assigning a different point / region for a texture:

<Resource type="ResourceImageSet" name="MultiListButtonImage">
<Group name="Icons" texture="MyGUI_BlueWhiteSkins.png" size="12 10">
<Index name="None" >
<Frame point="74 185"/>
<Index name="Up" >
<Frame point="74 198"/>
<Index name="Down" >
<Frame point="74 211"/>

But that doesn't allow me to use different images (e.g. pushed: button-pushed.png and disabled: button-disabled.png)

Edit: I'm referring to this: http://www.ogre3d.org/tikiwiki/MyGUI+use+ButtonImage