MyGUI EditBox => Word Wrapping Feature Question


16-04-2012 19:55:52


I am considering switching future projects with GUI dependence over to MyGUI. When looking through the documentation and playing around with the samples and the project's code, I was pleased to find that MyGUI supported word wrapping.

However, something that I was not able to do was make a multi-line edit box line wrap (for example, a very long string "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" would be broken into multiple lines, as to not exceed the boundaries of the widget and to prevent the horizontal scrollbar from showing up). This feature, along with word wrapping, is present in competitor's GUI systems, such as CEGUI.

A string broken with spaces (henceforth word wrapping) behaves correctly. Line wrapping is an essential part of most GUIs, and is even present in one of the simplest Windows programs, Notepad.

Is line wrapping a feature of MyGUI that I missed (or needs to be simulated using other functions), or has it shockingly not been implemented? I am willing to make modifications to the code if necessary; however, I don't feel like re-inventing the wheel.


17-04-2012 10:42:55

I guess we simply forgot about this case. It is not hard to implement such behaviour and it would be nice if you will implement it and submit patch to us. Otherwise we will implement this later by ourselves.