persistent position_real property


09-05-2012 01:18:45

I've been trying to layout things using position_real, which works initially but once you resize the window everything is completely broken. This is due to the fact that position_real only gets used at creation and parsing of the XML data, gets converted to an IntCoord, and then thrown away. Is there any possibility of implementing functionality to support a persistent position_real property? What I mean by this is that when you set position_real in XML it will store that value in the Widget class and each time it needs to resize/align itself due to the parent resizing it will maintain whatever percentages were specified.

Is this even possible? And if so how huge of a change do you think this would be? I can get a similar effect working by hard coding the resizing in the app whenever the window resizes but this is extremely ugly and really should be handled by the engine if possible.