Added Alpha to text color


28-06-2012 05:57:24

I 've added alpha to text color, with format #TAARRGGBB, and also accept old #RRGGBB. I wish the author can merge it . :D

But it seems I have no right to upload attachment? It said "Sorry, the board attachment quota has been reached."
Who can give me his/her email?


28-06-2012 06:10:51

code deleted, see


28-06-2012 07:36:07

Could you create ticket there: , you also can attach patch to ticket ? Also please post diff in svn format if possible.


28-06-2012 08:18:07

Issue added


28-06-2012 18:21:02

Thank you. I took a look, and this looks good, but we are thinking about more unified format, having this two is not very convenient. So I'm not sure, may be we will apply this change, but may be not.

What about not being able to post links - you have not enough posts on forum, so they required manual approvement by moderator. I approved them, and also removed duplicates.