Create a ResourceImageSet through code


29-08-2012 15:23:34

I would like to create ResourceImageSet's through code. I can't use a .xml file because I don't know the image coordinates beforehand. What's the correct way to create resources? Maybe a code like this? But how would I go about cleaning up later then?

MyGUI::ResourceImageSet* newResourceImageSet = new MyGUI::ResourceImageSet();

29-08-2012 15:51:04

Register in factory
create from factory


29-08-2012 16:17:26

Could you be a little more detailed which methods to use?

Also, it doesn't seem like there's a way to set the properties of a ResourceImageSet from outside (the groups, texture names, indices) because the group vector is private and I can't add a group. So even if I managed to create a ResourceImageSet, how do I alter it?


10-04-2013 15:00:03

Solution here viewtopic.php?f=17&t=29690#p100231