Align property works only after window resize


09-09-2012 12:29:42


My problem when using MyGUI is that I can not seem to align widgets. Align property will only take place after window resize. Is this intended behaviour?

The first time I create rendering window and MyGUI::Gui, widgets seem to be placed into absolute position even though I set the align to something else than the default. After window resize widgets will warp to correct positions. I found this topic that essentially discusses about the very same problem:

I am not using Layouts, everything is coded. I'm using MyGUI 3.2 (svn trunk) and OgrePlatform.


09-09-2012 12:39:57

I found this topic:

I guess I can use that as a workaround, just makes me wonder why does every widget need Align property to be specified on construction, when the fact is that one needs to actually do some additional work to even get align working :o