How do I see 3d programs in Visual C++ 2010 express?


13-09-2012 21:08:39

I'm new to using OGRE and am only a basic c++ programmer using vis. studio c++ '10 express.

I'm trying to run one of the sample programs, it seems that they compile but cannot open the program in 3d.....

What do I do? I don't know how to proceed.....

Thanks for whoever can educate me!

Human Bug

25-09-2012 21:33:05

Hi Darkchild,

at first you wrote in the Ogre Add-ons->Tools->MyGUI forum and not at the Ogre forum.
Next point your question is really terrible, because you only say that it doesn´t not work. Please say what happen. Do you see a MessageBox or something like this?
But a best way is you read this and than ask with the upper hints in the ogre forum.