Mouse cursor bug


14-11-2012 15:53:14

I've an input problem with MyGUI. I use MyGUI with OGRE render. If I start a tool or a demo project of MyGUI (for example Demo_Themes.exe) I can see two mouse pointers on my screen! The Windows pointer is not hidden and drives me crazy because of windows aero peek. Both pointers don't have the same position, so if the pointer of the application is in the middle of the screen, the windows pointer can hit the aero peek button. The difference between the cursors is not constant. It's also possible to have the windows cursor above the application one. Any idea how to fix it?

14-11-2012 18:31:56

Input system?


15-11-2012 07:30:38



04-06-2013 19:01:26

I've made a patch for revision 5198 to fix that problem.



05-06-2013 03:18:23

Thank you. I partially applied your patch. Decided to not app capture mouse though. (rejected DISCL_EXCLUSIVE change)
And by the way, under windows it is recommended to build MyGUI demos and tools with Win32 input, that is selected by default in CMake, since it have better cursor handling - display only system cursor and also properly change poiters.


05-06-2013 07:41:15

Using DISCL_NONEXCLUSIVE doesn't hide the windows mouse cursor in the application, so I have two mouse cursors at the screen. This drives me crazy!