MyGUI - low quality textures


06-02-2013 05:04:36

Hello Tell me, please, why MyGUI displays texture distortion.

Right - the original, on the left - so displays MyGUI.


06-02-2013 13:05:56

Are source and destination the same size? If not that might explain the distortion due to scaling.


06-02-2013 15:28:55

Also it is possible, that your skin is wrong, since it looks like it is not full texture, but about 75% of it's size from top. To check that add some text right on texture.
And yeah, for perfect quality you need to have exact pixel-to-pixel size.


06-02-2013 15:47:58

Solved the problem. Texture resolution was not a multiple of two ...
512x256px did - remove distortions