Layer Wallpaper hides entities?


18-02-2013 15:27:10


some fairly basic and simple question. I use the MyGUI Wallpaper layer to display a background. Strangely the wallpaper is drawn on top of everything else, thus hiding my Ogre entities.

I'm not sure if this is work as designed, but from my understanding of the word 'Wallpaper' it should be drawn behind everything else.

<MyGUI type="Layout">
<Widget type="ImageBox" skin="ImageBox" position_real="0 0.0 1.0 1.0" align="Center" layer="Wallpaper" name="wallpaper">
<Property key="ImageTexture" value="../textures/wallpaper.png"/>

Am I doing something terrible wrong here?

I'm using Ogre 1.8.1 and MyGUI 3.2.


18-02-2013 19:31:37

MyGUI is drawn in one render queue group, so you can't make common MyGUI layers being splitted by other geometry. Those MyGUI layers are simply relative to each other, but they have no additional logic. The only difference between them is their types, properties and also few of those layers are used for pointers and popup windows.


19-02-2013 12:12:45

Thanks, that makes sense to me.