Theme questions


16-03-2013 10:46:24

1)In trunk we seem to have Media/common/themes and Media/MyGUI_Media which look to be duplicates except they don't have exactly the same contents... Media/common/themes has more stuff. And why is MyGUI_BlackTheme in its own sub-dir but the others are not?

2)The theme used in the editor tools is really nice, I'd like to use it in my app. Is this the Dark theme? What do I have to do to use this theme... when I look in Media/common/themes BlackBlue and BlackOrange have 5 files each but Dark only has 3 (and Black has 4). Why are they different and do I need to do anything different for the Black/Dark themes?

3)When I use the LayoutEditor it uses the Dark (I think) theme, but my layout is using some other, older scheme:


Why is this? Is it possible to configure the theme used when editing and testing my layouts?

New themes really are very nice.


23-03-2013 11:36:12

1) I'm not quite sure but i think the MyGUI_Media folder is an example for the things needed in one application. In common more stuff is saved which you might want to use. I just deleted the common/themes folder in our repository.

2) Assuming your using the MyGUI_Media folder as the mygui files for your app then you only have to change a line in MyGUI_Core.xml:
<List file="MyGUI_BlueWhiteTheme.xml"/> to point to the theme you want to use.

3) The themes used by the tools are saved in tools/<toolname>/Editor.xml there you also have to replace the loaded skin.

I suggest you shall read more of the xml files and try to understand how the tools work by changing some things.