Layout editor


30-03-2013 01:36:51

Hi all,

I used the layout editor to create a new window that contains some controls and used the code generator to generate the class. I have a problem initiating it, my window class is LightsPanel, I used LightsPanel * mLightsPanel = new LightsPanel ( ); but it asserts on debug while creation because the parent window is null. I guess it need the very parent widget of the gui, from where shall I get it? I appreciate your help.


30-03-2013 16:37:09

I found the problem, there must be a widget with a name = "_Main". Is there any possibility to make a WindowCS to be height resized only? I don't want to resize the width.


06-04-2013 22:43:02

Use the same value for min width and max width?

in your window skin
<Property key="MinSize" value="256 64"/>
<Property key="MaxSize" value="256 800"/>