What happened to the Bugtracker?


06-04-2013 23:18:41

I can't seem to access it from http://redmine.mygui.info/ . Has it moved? Is there a new one?


08-04-2013 09:07:36


soon fix


29-01-2014 19:55:26

Still not working. I get redirected to "The Far Wilds" site.


05-08-2014 17:19:14

Since it's apparently not coming back, would you mind if I created a new community bug tracker?


06-08-2014 12:32:04

I think it would be better using sourceforge trackers. Those seems to be not so bad this days. Feel free to suggest better place for bug tracker.


06-08-2014 13:08:21

github: for git of course, ease of collaboration and its issue tracker

sourceforge is still good and has a classical mailing list which is nice