Texture tags in SkinEditor


19-05-2013 01:22:08

Is there any documentation for SkinEditor? It seems the docs for MyGUI overall are sort of lacking / outdated. I'd update it if I knew what I was doing. :P

The problem I facing is with editing skins where the texture for a resource is set to #{MyGUI_Theme_Texture}. The tag isn't carried over into the SkinEditor interface (even though I've added the core_theme_tag.xml file into the resources in the settings of SkinEditor, and the folder of my skin into the resource folder section).

So essentially if I want to see what I'm doing, I have to re-select the name of the texture file from a dropdown separately for each element, which
a) is annoying
b) hardcodes the texture filename into the output, so the tag becomes superfluous.

Am I missing something, or is there just no way to use a filename defined through a tag in a different file as the texture in SkinEditor?

As a secondary question; the project I'm working on (as a GUI designer only) is currently using MyGUI 3.0.1, for which there is no SkinEditor as far as I'm aware. The output format seems to be different enough to basically break the whole thing if I try to use a skin edited with SkinEditor with the current implementation of MyGUI. Is there any way (apart from manually copying over the coordinates) to make a 3.2.0 skin file into a 3.0.1 compatible file? Failing that, how involved would it be to update MyGUI to its newer version for this project? I'm not the programmer, and the guy who is has better things to be concerned about than the UI, so if upgrading would mess everything up, I doubt he'd do it :(

Thanks in advance!


21-05-2013 15:08:43

I have only used the SkinEditor from MyGUI 3.2.0 and everything works fine. I didn't see the tag #{MyGUI_Theme_Texture} in my generated skin file. All my skins have a certain filename as the texture, like this

<Resource type="ResourceSkin" name="HSeparatorSkin" size="15 1" texture="button_icons.png">
<BasisSkin type="SubSkin" offset="11 0 4 1" align="Right VStretch">
<State name="normal" offset="40 178 4 1"/>
<BasisSkin type="SubSkin" offset="0 0 4 1" align="Left VStretch">
<State name="normal" offset="29 178 4 1"/>
<BasisSkin type="SubSkin" offset="4 0 7 1" align="Stretch">
<State name="normal" offset="33 178 7 1"/>