Integrated Font viewer with Layout Editor


01-07-2013 20:43:59

Hey guys, so i just made a custom font (one with a larger starting size) in Font Viewer. How can I access it from my Layout Editor?

The files generated by font viewer are as follows:

myfont (PNG)
myfont (XML)
myfont.manual (XML)

Do I just add their path and file name into the additional folders and resources found in the settings menu?


02-07-2013 01:01:05

Yes, that's what you need to do. Also you need either myfont.xml or myfont.png+myfont.manual.xml (this pair is pre-rendered font, that doesn't require freetype in your app and save small amount of time during load)


02-07-2013 01:36:01

thank you! if you get a chance can you look at my latest post?

it seems the answer would be trivial to you.