ItemBox Demo (Drag & Drop)


03-07-2013 15:37:41

I was able to get this demo to work without any issues. However, I'm looking to modify the code to achieve a different end result.

Currently the system formats the objects in a grid-like fashion with even spacing.
What I'm wondering is how to remove the grid-like style?

When an object is dragged/dropped, make it stay exactly where it was dropped.
This would place the items at the cords where they were dropped, allow for overlapping items.

- I noticed in the code, to drop an item it must be dropped into another item box.
- I also notice the parent container is also an item box.

Two major questions.
- How do i remove the enforcement of autoalign/resize placement of the child itemboxes?
- How can I allow the parent itembox as an acceptable drop container?