Linking skins to ogre application


13-07-2013 01:26:50

Hey guys, I've made a layout of my own and am trying to load it within my Ogre app.Unfortunately, the custom skins are not being included, as they were not "found." I am explicitly including their location with Ogre::ResourceGroupManager::getSingletonPtr()->addResourceLocation(...), but still no luck. Is there a specific place where the MyGUI::LayoutManager::getInstance().loadLayout(...) method looks for skins?

Thanks so much, Alex


13-07-2013 02:16:54

You need to one of next things:
1. add your custom skin and other xml's into MyGUI_Core.xml (or whatever xml you use in MyGUI's initislization);
2. MyGUI::ResourceManager::getInstance().load("CustomSkin.xml");
3. Create file with list of all custom xml's in same format as MyGUI_Core.xml and load it with