One problem about mygui's dll file


11-08-2013 16:35:22

I have build mygui many times and try to change cmake's building entry every time
every time I compile it
dll lib's size must be 50MB much more
but the MYGUI_3.2.0_win32 zip file which I download from
has an MyGUIEngine.dll which just 1.71MB
why? 50MB vs 1.71MB ~~!!It may be a large gap, right?
please help me :D
(my os is xp.sp3,and I using mingw32 to compile the lib)


11-08-2013 19:31:14

I guess you have debug version with all debug related data inside.


12-08-2013 12:21:58

thanks for reply
it's looks really what you say
I do not to change the cmake building entry
so the default building is RelWithDebInfo