[SOLVED] Font Rendering in 3.2 problems


17-08-2013 12:12:19

Hi Folks,

Has there been any changes to fonts in 3.2? They don't seem to be smooth for me

Here is how it used to look

This is how it looks now

Any ideas what I should look at?



17-08-2013 14:58:15

With a bit of tweaking (resolution was set to 50 instead of the default 96) and turning anti-aliasing off (weird that it is better with AA off?) it is back to looking good. I changed font and made it a touch smaller, here are the results


17-08-2013 17:08:51

It's hard to see how bad or good fonts look when you use jpegs.
Also your actual problem could be with hinting, so you should play with it in font editor to get result you actually need.