Ogre1.9 + MyGUI3.2 SDKs for iOS: AVAILABLE


16-09-2013 18:02:09

I have MyGUI & Ogre SDKs I built from sources for my iOS projects, available online if anyone finds them helpful:

https://drive.google.com/folderview?id= ... sp=sharing

You want the two files with ogre-1.9 in the name (the others are built against ogre 1.8 and slightly older MyGUI)... they are built against Ogre and MyGUI source code from last week so are up to date; also I built dependencies from source. Contains release and debug versions, total about 400Mb zip file, about 1Gb on disk (but you could delete debug libs and save 75% of that).

The main reason you might find these useful if you work on iOS:

  1. Built with RTSS enabled so you can use fixed-function materials[/*:m]
  2. Includes HLSL2GLSL so you can use Cg shaders if you want to[/*:m]
  3. Includes fix to MyGUI to work on GLES2 renderer.[/*:m][/list:u]

    All works well for me, I hope it can be useful. If you have problems let me know although since I build these for my own use I can't guarantee to fix anything. No credit is required but it would be nice to hear if anyone is using them!


09-10-2013 09:52:53

Great job, thanks for your sharing!