Can I ignore area selector when calling getMouseFocusWidget?


21-09-2013 19:39:23

Hi all,
I'm making a bit of an editor in a scene, so I display an area selector to draw widgets. However, when trying to work with those widgets I'm calling getMouseFocusWidget() to see what widget I'm currently over. It keeps returning my area selector widget. Is there a way I can tell MyGUI to ignore the area selector widget when I call that function? Or alternatively, is there a way to get a list of all the widgets in order of depth under my mouse pointer? Then I could look through the list to see what's beneath the area selector.

Thanks :)
- Goishin


21-09-2013 22:23:28

should do the trick.
Or in layout:
<Property key="NeedMouse" value="false"/>


21-09-2013 22:48:17

Bam! That did the trick.

Thanks Scrawl :)

- Goishin