Texture .png not found


22-09-2013 14:26:58

Hey guys,

I really like MyGUI but I have a problem.

I can use MyGUI but there is one error in the MyGUI.log

06:12:01 | Core | Error | Texture 'MyGUI_BlueWhiteSkins.png' not found | ..\..\MyGUIEngine\src\MyGUI_TextureUtility.cpp | 54
06:12:01 | Core | Error | Texture 'MyGUI_Pointers.png' not found | ..\..\MyGUIEngine\src\MyGUI_TextureUtility.cpp | 54

The MyGUI_Media folder is in the root folder of my program.

I tried to set the folder to the MyGUI root in the resources.cfg but this didn't work.

This is weird, because everything works fine except the skins.

Hope there is a solution for this.

Thanks and regards


22-09-2013 14:51:30

http://www.ogre3d.org/tikiwiki/tiki-ind ... =MyGUI+FAQ


22-09-2013 17:34:14

There seems to be a problem with my general-section in resources.cfg

I added a new section "MyGUI" and added the path.
And in my code:
platform->initialise(window, sceneManager,"MyGUI");

now it works. Thanks!