MyGui crash on loading xml workaround


16-06-2014 21:26:23


Platform: Mint17
Ogre: 1.9
MyGUI: 3.2

When I copy MyGUI_Media folder into my application resources folder the application crash on execution.
Using the method of elimination and trying and failing I figured out how to work around it:

Added to MyGUI_BlueWhiteSkins.xml after line 1154:
</Resource> <!--To fix crash-->

Commented out line 3 to 7 in MyGUI_Pointers.xml:
<!--Resource type="ResourceImageSetPointer" name="arrow">
<Property key="Point" value="1 1"/>
<Property key="Size" value="32 32"/>
<Property key="Resource" value="ArrowPointerImage"/> commented out to fix crash.

I dont know if this will cause trouble for me, and what is the consequence of the fix in bluewhiteskins? :P

Any input is appreciated.