Is MyGUI still alive?


06-08-2014 08:31:45

I don't wish to spam, but it has been a few months since any movement here and it is making OpenMW become a little nervous as to MyGUI's future.

You guys alive? If so, great! :)

Keeping that in mind, please have a read here:

Basically it comes down to this:
So, if no release comes out, what options do we have?
a) Do nothing, wait.
b) Get patch into SVN, make OpenMW require MyGUI SVN. OpenMW packages in stable distributions (debian, ubuntu, etc) will have to be put on hold.
c) Fork complete MyGUI to a new project.
d) Fork MyGUI core into OpenMW repository, no longer depend on system-installed MyGUI. Note: MyGUIEngine takes about 2 minutes to build on my system, compared to 15 minutes for openmw (not including launcher, OpenCS and tools)

I propose an additional solution, let Scrawl (one of our lead developers) also be a member to keep MyGUI alive. He has written a number of patches that are ready to be merged into MyGUI and if you read the link above, has a lot of ideas on how to improve MyGUI with the technical skills to achieve them.

What do you guys think?


06-08-2014 12:58:23

MyGUI it not under active development as it was before. I'm still making some fixes and apply patches from time to time, but there are no planned features, because current library is good enough for all our needs and doesn't require major changes.
There were plans on implementing box layouts/stacking widgets and similar stuff, but this would require huge changes in core. One of our attempts ended not very well and it is not worked on since there are no projects requiring such feature. And in some projects it was implemented outside of library.

I can freely give svn access to scrawl, since his patches are good enough and mostly required no changes before applying.

What about new versions, well, MyGUI was ready for 3.2.1 release a while ago, I just never had enough time actually do this (prepare packages, write full change log, generate updated documentation, write posts in various forums, etc.).