Any plans for new release ?

Crystal Hammer

15-08-2014 11:37:21

So, there wasn't any release in 2,5 years.
Are there any plans to make a new release 3.3, there are some fixes in code repo.
It's generally easier to have packages instead of always building from sources.
Is there maybe a road map for next release ?
And you know what they say, release early release often.

Btw. I saw is this official now ? Would be great.
You could update under downloads if it is. IMO svn is ancient history.
Github is great for contributing and online browsing code etc.

It's a pity that MyGUI isn't developed now so much as it was 2 years and longer ago.
IMO maybe scrawl could be the new coder/maintainer ? He does a lot MyGUI coding in OpenMW.

Ugh, just found a similar topic, a bit too late.