3.2 on Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit Fix


28-08-2014 13:32:17

Excited to get working with the new MyGUI stable version. :) Love the new features. I was trying to get it going on Ubuntu 14, and Freetype could not be found with the current FindFreetype.cmake script for Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit using the new stable 3.2 version. It did work perfectly on Ubuntu 12.04. I basically tweaked a few of the lines to match Ogre 1.9's version of FindFreetype.cmake and it worked. Might want to merge Ogre's changes into MyGUI's cmake script. Thought I'd pass that on.


28-08-2014 14:06:42

I just checked, and latest MyGUI's version of FindFreetype is same as Ogre's version.
Try MyGUI 3.2.1 if you are using 3.2.0


28-08-2014 14:59:39

Oh, okay. I used the latest stable link on the webpage that was 3.2.0, thinking it was 3.2.1. Probably just need to update the download link. I don't see a sourceforge source pack for 3.2.1, but I'll just grab the github repo and look for the 3.2.1 release tag. Thanks.


28-08-2014 20:42:19

You do realize that 3.2.0 is packaged for you in Ubuntu 14.04...



29-08-2014 07:11:28

Bonus, 3.2.1 is now packaged by our PPA over at OpenMW for precise, trusty and utopic.


We're ready on the debian (sid/jessie) side, just needs an upload. ;)


02-09-2014 13:59:34

@psi29a - thanks for the info. That should make it real handy. I'll need to see how the libogre-1.9.0 dependency is configured to see if I can just swap for that for how I use ogre. But, I'm pretty sure the default configuration will work fine as it should be set for Boost by default.