Preliminary changelog for 3.2.2, release discussion


13-12-2014 02:56:44

Hi Altren,
Tried to ping you on github, not sure though if you noticed.
A while ago I asked whether we should have a maintenance release now that the boost build issue is fixed. You replied that "let's resolve #14 at least partially and then we can re-tag 3.2.1.". Given that #14 is now closed, now should be the time to put out a new release.
I prepared the changelog below. Let me know if there is anything else missing for the release.

------------------------- Version 3.2.2 ------------------------
-- Core --
- Fixed eventChangeMouseFocus and eventChangeKeyFocus not being triggered in certain cases.

-- Widgets --
- ComboBox: Fixed mouse events incorrectly going to the widget below the ComboBox when clicking on an item.
- ScrollBar: Added button repeat support, scrollbar buttons will trigger repeatedly so long as the mouse is held down

-- Platforms --
- OpenGLPlatform: Added option to use system GLEW library.
- OgrePlatform: Improved performance of OgreDataManager::isDataExist.
- OgrePlatform: Fixed build failure of Demos regarding boost libraries when built with Ogre platform.

-- Resources --
- ResourceManualFont: Added API to create a ResourceManualFont in code rather than from XML.

-- Tools --
- Fixed broken file dialog directory listing on Linux and make sure files are sorted.


26-01-2015 16:06:36