Ogre 2.0 Support?


30-01-2015 17:00:42

Hi Folks,

Has anyone tried to get MyGUI working in Ogre 2.0? Is it difficult / possible at the moment?

Thanks for your help
All the best,


30-01-2015 20:04:34

It's not so trivial, the OgreRenderManager is written around the use of Viewports, which don't exist anymore in 2.0. And the method for injecting the render geometry (RenderQueueListener) doesn't work anymore, either, since 2.0 skips empty render queues.
I was working on a patch (using custom compositor passes) a while ago, but at the moment my priorities have shifted and it could be a while until I get to hack on it again. However I'm using MyGUI in several contracted projects, so it's possible someone might step in and sponsor the 2.0 port :)


30-01-2015 20:34:18

I didn't think it would be trivial, I'm worried about porting my own code :). I didn't realise Viewports had gone, I use them quite a bit, eek! :). I wish I was funded so I could help bankroll a 2.0 port, Ogre 2.0 seems to be very exciting and would help my project as I'm quite CPU limited. I could perhaps spare some cash to help you continue, but not enough I fear as I'm self-funded.