MyGUI_Media as a ZIP file


04-02-2015 18:50:19


I'm trying to ZIP the MyGUI_Media directory, but I can't manage to do it properly.

I successfully zipped all my layouts and graphic resources, but when I do the same with the MyGUI_Media folder, nothing is displayed anymore.
I tried to add the zipped resource in the resouces.cfg under the [Media] or [General] part, but nothing...
Am I missing something ?



04-02-2015 20:09:33

I guess you have subdirectory in archive and this, as far as I remember, makes all file names have folder names included in their names.
I just tried simple code with using content of MyGUI_Media content from zip file and it works. Used direct call for this (don't have ogre.cfg at all):
Ogre::ResourceGroupManager::getSingleton().addResourceLocation(getRootMedia() + "/MyGUI_Media/", "Zip", "General", false);


05-02-2015 08:49:04

Thanks for your fast answer!

I tried to load the with the resource.cfg, as well as by code using your example, and it still doesn't work. I don't use any directory inside.

To be more precise : it seems that all the .ini files and xml are loaded okay by MyGUI.
But not the pictures for the skins and pointers, and I can't understand why.

If I put all the MyGUI_Media pictures elsewhere in a registered directory, it does work.
But if I put the pictures in a zip, MyGUI can't find them. At the same time, Ogre can find any other files in the same zip, so the files are correctly registered.

So I have this :
09:31:07 | Core | Error | Texture 'MyGUI_BlueWhiteSkins.png' not found | ..\..\MyGUIEngine\src\MyGUI_TextureUtility.cpp | 41

I'm scratching my head...


05-02-2015 19:26:09

I feel, that those textures are in different resource group. By default MyGUI use textures only from General resource group.