Skin's coordinates scaling


05-02-2015 17:12:18

I’m having an issue with the scaling of the UI; more specifically with the skin’s borders.
The thing is that the skin uses absolute positions (in the xml file) based on the texture and when I down-scale the UI the borders are too large for the resolution.
I want to know if it is possible to scale the size and offset values of the skin.
It would be great if it had the % feature as the layouts have. That way you could change the skin texture file based on the resolution and the widgets wouldn't look messed up.



05-02-2015 19:28:45

There is no such feature as we always wanted to have pixel-perfect texture display. There are some not easy ways to do this.
Right now you could either use several skins for different resolutions, create them in runtime or use RTT and scale that texture.