Setting the colour of a row in a MultiList


13-02-2015 12:08:50

Hi Folks,

How do I set the colour of a row in a MultiList, I would like to have alternate colours for odd and even rows if possible. Can I do it in code? Is it a tweak to a skin?

Thanks for your help
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08-03-2015 09:55:50

Is this possible at the moment?


08-03-2015 13:49:18

There is no convenient way to implement this.
There is similar logic implemented in Demo_Gui. See ColourWindowCellView class. But basically there is item box with custom items and in case of multilist you would loose all columns related functionality.


13-03-2015 10:57:16

Sorry for the late reply, I'll take a look at Demo_Gui. I don't need sorting by column or resizing columns, just the text to be formatted into columns somehow.