Error MyGUI DirectX 9

Lord Fers

05-09-2015 00:48:40

After a couple of issues I had to build MyGUI , I could do it, but now when you try to create context and MyGUI_Core , I have the next error:

I'm initialising the MyGUI so:
... code ...
Engine->Initialize(hwnd); //Init Engine

//Begin Init MyGUI:
mPlatform = new MyGUI::DirectXPlatform();

mPlatform->getRenderManagerPtr()->setViewSize(MAIN_VIEW_PORT_X, MAIN_VIEW_PORT_Y);
mPlatform->getDataManagerPtr()->addResourceLocation("C:/MyGUI_3.2.0/Media/MyGUI_Media", false);

mGUI = new MyGUI::Gui();

I need to fix this, to further develop my project , thanks for the previous collaboration , greetings .

Lord Fers

06-09-2015 10:37:45

What can I do?

Lord Fers

14-09-2015 00:50:56


Lord Fers

15-09-2015 19:46:02

Is there no person skilled in the area to help me? But what created the section. It's been two weeks.
If anyone knows how to fix it , I prefer to know and try other things and I do not keep waiting.

Lord Fers

20-09-2015 22:55:00