Can't localize comboboxes


02-11-2015 11:10:08


I'm using the language manager to localize my GUI, and it's working well everywhere.
But not with the combobox!

I have in my layout this :
<Widget type="ComboBox" skin="ComboBox" position="673 4 66 22" name="Filters">
<Property key="InheritsAlpha" value="false"/>
<Property key="ModeDrop" value="true"/>
<Property key="AddItem" value="#{All}"/>
<Property key="AddItem" value="#{Waves}"/>
<Property key="AddItem" value="#{BG}"/>
<Property key="AddItem" value="#{Player}"/>
<Property key="NeedToolTip" value="true"/>
<Property key="Caption" value="#{All}"/>

The Caption value (#{All}) works, but not the <Property key="AddItem" value="#{All}"/>, for example.
In this case, the comboboxes display weird spaces or change colors, and so are not likely to read the "{" properly and think I'm using text formating.