Assert no root widget


11-02-2016 21:25:08

What normally causees this?

I know it seems to be self explaining but I am having a tough time getting past it.

Is it something missing in the layout file?


11-02-2016 21:34:05

I guess you are using BaseLayout class from demos and tools. BaseLayout require main widget in layout to be named "Root", all other widgets without parent are ignored.


12-02-2016 08:56:28

Yes I am using the baselayout class. I thought I had tried renaming the widget root but will try again. I think for now it is named _main.


14-02-2016 19:04:14

It should be named "_Main" or "Root". Also there is log message, with this info:
Root widget with name '_Main' or 'Root' not found. [test.layout]


15-02-2016 14:52:55

It is working now. Interestingly it seemed like it couldn't find the file because I'm reasonably sure it was already called "_Main". Could it create the same error if it can't find the layout file?


15-02-2016 21:44:47

Yes, it could, but there should also be error about missing file.