Set text aspect ratio


10-10-2016 14:10:24

I would love to be able to alter the aspect ratio of the text. That's because I want to support non-1:1 pixel-ratio modes.

For example, a monitor may be 16:10 (1920x1200), but the user may want to run the game at low resolution for increased frame rate (say 800x600 which is 4:3 pixel ratio).

Now, Ogre SUPPORTS this (camera->setAspectRatio IIRC). BUT, the only thing that gets stretched is the text. Take a look to see what I mean:



So, I suppose the answer is "no, not currently", but it would be great if it would be possible.

Maybe there is a hack I can do to implement it quickly? My game is supposed to be sent to the publisher in a couple of weeks...

Many, many thanks in advance