AddItem with key, value and data through xml to ComboBox


12-11-2016 20:24:15

Is there a way to add items with data to ComboBoxes or ListBoxes using xml?

Programmatically, there's

void ComboBox::addItem(const UString& _name, Any _data)

to add data to the added item, but it seems, because

void ComboBox::setPropertyOverride(const std::string& _key, const std::string& _value)

operates on a

struct MYGUI_EXPORT WidgetInfo {
// ...
VectorStringPairs properties;

which is defined as

namespace MyGUI {
// ...
typedef std::pair<std::string, std::string> PairString;
typedef std::vector<PairString> VectorStringPairs;

this usecase doesn't exist.

Do i miss something obvious so that it's possible in another way using xml or is it just generally a bad idea?

i hacked in the functionality to see if it could work and attached a patch in the hope that that can better explain what i'm looking for.