03-07-2008 14:57:45

I need to freeze the mouse pointer while the right mouse button is pressed, so now I just don't inject the mouse move events to do that.

Problem is when I start injecting them again the first mouse update makes the pointer snap to a seemingly random position.
I wanted to solve this by using PointerManager::setPosition, but then I noticed I had no way of getting the position of the pointer.

Is there a reason there is a setPosition but no getPosition?

03-07-2008 16:48:52

class _MyGUIExport InputManager : public FrameListener, public UnlinkWidget
/** Get current mouse position */
inline const IntPoint & getMousePosition() {return mMousePosition;}


03-07-2008 16:59:06

hah thanks, I actually looked at the doxygen page of the inputmanager in search for a getPosition but seems I missed it .. silly : )