Health Bar, Mana Bar etc. How to?..


10-07-2008 20:20:22

Hello all!

I'm creating a game, and i designed (drew in Photoshop) three nice bars for health, mana and fatigue. They are all how they should be - one red, other blue etc... But now i have a bit of a problem. Hope it's not a big one. This is how the bars look like.

I'd like the "filling" to gradually disappear depending on the character's state in the game, leaving only the empty border. Can i integrate it somehow using MyGUI widgets? At first I thought about ProgressBar, but now I see that it's not really helpful... Could anyone give me an advice? I need it pretty urgently :( Thanks!


10-07-2008 20:34:29

Simple solution is widget with gradient texture.
When HP changing you setting width of widget.