Mouse Sensitivity


13-07-2008 07:05:35

I'm not sure exactly where the problem lies here, but I can't seem to find anywhere to increase the sensitivity of the mouse. This may not be a MyGUI problem. I'm using Ogre, OIS and MyGUI.

If I start OIS in non-exclusive mode I see the hardware mouse cursor drawn over the top of the MyGUI mouse cursor and the mouse is very responsive. However, if I start OIS in exclusive mode, then I lose the hardware mouse cursor (which is what I want) so that you can only see the MyGUI cursor. The problem is, the MyGUI cursor suddenly becomes very sluggish. It is not a performance problem as my application is running at over 100fps.

Is there any place in Ogre, OIS or MyGUI where you can set the mouse sensitivity? Or is there another forum somewhere else where I should be asking this question?