font issue


16-07-2008 17:58:39

I'm using myGUI in my project and It's very cool!!

There's a font issue ,however,I wanna show chinese characters, so

I checked the sourcecode,and find out that all characters to be showed in

myGUi are configured in core.font,as codepoint ranges,all characters in

these ranges will be loaded from ttf files and rendered in a texture during

initialization,well,comes the issue, there are about several ten thousands

chinese characters and each has its own codepoint. In a multiplayer game

with in-game IM,you aren't able to determine which characters will be

used when chat , so that core.font must include the whole codepoint

range for all chinese characters.If do so,it take a large amount of time to

load such a lot of characters and consume much memories.

In fact , although there are so many characters, only several hundred

ones will be used in a run,so, I think it should be loaded dynamically,it

can be loaded and rendered into a texture the first time and be displayed

in normal way in other time. Thanks alot!


23-07-2008 12:20:38

I also wanna show chinese.
I am thinking the problem. I want to realize input chinese.